2 page short assignment

2 page short assignment


Video Reaction Paper The goal of this project is to have students think about self-esteem differently and realize the application to their own lives.

Write a 2-page reaction paper (12-point font, Times Roman, double-spaced) on Amy Cuddy’s Tedtalk located under Modules- Week 6: Required Resources. Only papers submitted on a Microsoft Word document through Turnitin will be accepted. In your reaction paper please be sure to include the following:

 Title and speaker of the Tedtalk

 Summary of the Tedtalk

 Overall impression of the Tedtalk

 Specific parts of it that you liked or found challenging, including the reason why you felt this way

 Do you feel the Tedtalk was helpful? Why?

 Do you think the Tedtalk has merit? Does it seem valid? Why?

 How does what Cuddy says relate to what you have learned about self-esteem in the eText? Be specific using examples from the video and concepts/ideas from the eText.

 What examples could you give were you would be able to apply Cuddy’s ideas to your own life? Be specific and fully explain them.

 Would you recommend this Tedtalk? Why? You will be graded on the following:

 Thoroughness: Did student cover information above? Up to 25 points

 Specific & detailed: Did student use examples from the Tedtalk and from eText? Did student fully explain ideas? Up to 25 points

 Writing: Is the paper clearly written and free of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors? Are paragraphs used to separate ideas? Up to 25 points

 Is body of paper at least 2 pages (12-point font, Times Roman, double-spaced)? Up to 25 points