3 Short Paper

3 Short Paper

3 short essay 2 pages for each

Check the Rubric before you give to me

The book is America Now by Robert Atwan 10th edition

In case you need it for citation.


For essay #2, you will expand on the America Now topics below. Essay must be two complete pages long and typed. You are required to incorporate three quotations throughout your composition, including one from America Now. Include a works cited page to your essay. The quotations should not be longer than two sentences.

“Writing an argumentative research paper (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. involves exploring a topic, collecting and analyzing evidence, then establishing a position on the topic. It is called an argumentative research paper because the goal is to form an argument in defense of a specific position.

An argumentative research paper requires extensive research, either by reviewing relevant existing literature or by first-hand data collection through interviews, surveys or experiments. You must collect and analyze a significant amount of research in order to understand competing arguments and develop an appropriate position on the topic. The empirical research then enables you to defend your position with evidence.”

http://www.wisegeek.com/how-do-i-write-an-argumentative-research-paper.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This essay must follow MLA conventions and be 12’ font, singles spaced, Times Roman. For MLA formatting, please visit the class website and review the MLA PowerPoint http://cordovla.weebly.com/handouts-and-more.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) or the “MLA” link.

Finally, incorporate a strong thesis and make sure to develop your paragraphs fully and to include effective transitions. Points are automatically deducted if you do not include an argumentative thesis. When revising your essay, focus on counter argumentations, evidence, clarifications to your points, clarity, unity, precision, conciseness, organization, and grammar as discussed in class.


Essay 1

What do you think are the benefits of a vocational education? Building on the support that Tabarrok presents, further the argument that vocational education should be de-stigmatized in American education.

Essay 2

What do you think the solution to the problem of this class system is? Do you agree with Marche, that we should acknowledge it so it doesn’t get worse? Or do you think that social mobility is still an option, and conceding a class system would be detrimental to American society?

Essay 3

Using Lembitz’s essay as support write an essay either against or in support of the Occupy movement. How does her narrative exemplify your opinion of the movement?

Guidelines for essays:

Please underline your thesis statement or change it to red font.

All essays are research-based argument essays. Your job is to identify a viewpoint, find recent sources to support the viewpoint, and express the viewpoint objectively and specifically starting with a thesis statement and following with examples, details and specifics from sources and from your viewpoint that has resulted from reading a variety of recent sources.

As these are not narrative essays, the use of I statements and personal anecdotes are not appropriate.

Information in essays must be current within the past year.

Essays must be at least 2 full pages in length not counting Works Cited page.

100-point Essay Rubric (2)

100-point Essay Rubric (2)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeA: Thesis statement✔️Thesis statement is strong, clear, specific, and provides focus for the essay. ✔️Thesis statement is not a list. ✔️Thesis statement is not an announcement. ✔️Thesis statement is indicated by red font or underline.

20.0 to >1.0 pts 1.0 to >0 pts

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeB: Research✔️Sources are recent within the past 6 months, college-level, appropriate and relevant. ✔️Information included from sources features events or situations that occurred within the previous 6 months. ✔️Source information is smoothly integrated into the essay with proper MLA in-text citation format including correct parenthetical citation information.

20.0 to >0.01 pts 0.01 to >0 pts

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeC: Format✔️Font is Arial size 12. ✔️Correct identifying information is included on the first page of the essay. ✔️Title is properly formatted in plain text: ✔️Not bold. ✔️Not underlined. ✔️Not a different sized font. ✔️Not italicized. ✔️Page numbers have been inserted correctly. ✔️Proper header is present on each page. ✔️Paper is evenly double-spaced throughout. ✔️First line of each paragraph is indented. ✔️Margins are 1″ all around. ✔️Works Cited is cross-referenced with in-text citations so that every citation in the essay begins with a name or word that is the first word in the Works Cited list, and every entry in the Works Cited is referenced in essay. ✔️Works Cited is properly formatted. ✔️Essay is at least two full pages long (not counting quoted material) and no longer than three full pages (not counting Works Cited page).

20.0 to >1.0 pts 1.0 to >0 pts

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeD: Organization, Voice, and Audience.✔️Essay is organized into developed paragraphs that support the thesis. ✔️Topic of essay is covered thoroughly. ✔️Transitions are elegant. ✔️Essay features an appropriate ratio of original ideas, examples, quotes, paraphrases and summaries. ✔️Writer’s voice is correct for the task at hand, 3rd person, authoritative. ✔️Writer maintains formal voice. ✔️Writer’s awareness of audience limits over-explanation and reliance on common knowledge.

15.0 to >1.0 pts 1.0 to >0 pts

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeE: Content✔️Essay is on-topic and topic is covered thoroughly. ✔️Each aspect of the essay prompt is addressed. ✔️Examples are specific and vivid. ✔️Essay does not include history or background and focuses instead on events occurring within the previous 6 months. ✔️Clear evidence that the essay has been edited and proofread and is not a rough draft. I is consistently capitalized. ✔️Words and phrases to avoid are not present. ✔️Punctuation is properly executed.[☑️When required: Assigned course texts are skillfully integrated into the essay as support for analysis.]

15.0 to >1.0 pts 1.0 to >0 pts

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeF: Evidence of familiarity with course modules and submission checklist✔️Student “shows” argument points through examples and source information rather than just “telling” in an unsubstantiated narrative. ✔️There is a meaningful title. ✔️Information is written in declarative statements with no questions. ✔️Words and phrases to be avoided have been avoided. ✔️No use of you, your, our, us, I, we. ✔️Paper is free of common grammar and punctuation errors.