598 Discussion Questions 6 7 8

598 Discussion Questions 6 7 8

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Week 6 Discussion

1.”Audit Role and Development of Application Controls” Please respond to the following:

a. Do you think that criteria should be developed for the decision of buying audit and control of packages and services? Why or why not? Among the different factors for feasibility success, which do you consider to be the most important and why?

b. How is the auditing of application system carried out? What are the four (4) most important specific functions of configuration management and why are they important?

Week 7 Discussion

2.”Technology Security” Please respond to the following:

a. Do you think that there is a need for classifying individual parts of a network? What is its importance in real-based applications? How can information asset security be enhanced by control techniques?

b. How are the exposure and issues of logical access control explored with the help of access control software?

Week 8 Discussion

3.”Protection of the IT Architecture and Assets” Please respond to the following:

a. How are the risks of natural events mitigated through control measures of physical security? Why has business continuity been recognized as a fundamental component of management’s role in achieving good corporate governance?

b. Do you think that displacement control can cover a variety of threats? If yes, then in what ways? If not, then why not? Do you think that use of e-Commerce can impose serious challenges on organizations? Why or why not?