Increasing Cost of Healthcare

Challenge: Increasing Cost of Healthcare

The cost of providing healthcare continues being steep, and it is a continuous problem. Millions of people get sick every day and there are new emerging diseases that are causing an influx in healthcare facilities. Nurses in practice continue facing numerous challenges that come with this congestion of patients in hospitals. Some of the problems include stress, fatigue, and other issues. However, aside from the clinical effects, one major challenge that is affecting nurses, healthcare facilities, and healthcare systems is an increase in healthcare costs which is facing almost every healthcare facility. According to Shrank et al., (2021), the increase in healthcare costs affects almost every department and the delivery of healthcare services in a facility. It leads to the inability of a healthcare organization to provide efficient and effective healthcare services. This leads to poor client satisfaction and lower patient turnout due to lack of standard and high-quality healthcare services.

The decline in facility revenues affects the nurses’ provision of healthcare services to patients. Some nurses even lose their jobs in the facility’s aim to reduce healthcare costs. Some measures involve nurses working for few hours to reduce the amount of compensation they receive. According to Toader (2014), the extent of the damage caused by the increase in healthcare costs depends on the measures the healthcare facility’s management decides to take. This affects the morale of healthcare providers and their intrinsic motivation. Every nurse wants to provide healthcare in an environment where there is a chance for them to fully exploit their knowledge, potential, and skills without limitations. They want to work with a healthcare organization that can allow them achieve their personal short-term and long-term goals which may include a better compensation and many other goals.