A Rulebook for Arguments

A Rulebook for Arguments

1. Identify two ideas for each of the following that demonstrate your thoughts and/or what you’ve learned, appreciated, or have questions about.

A Rulebook for Arguments

      • Chapter V: Arguments about Causes
      • Chapter VIII: Argumentative Essays

They Say/I Say

      • Chapter 5: “And Yet”: Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say
      • Chapter 6: “Skeptics May Object”: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text

Essential Skills for Academic Papers,” pages 19-27

2. Discuss each of the following in 125-150 words. What ideas stand out to you as important and why? What is a topic you’d like to investigate more through your own research?

Newton, Lisa, “Introduction: The Power of a Good Story,” pp. 1-4

Lopez, Gustavo, “Key Findings about U.S. Immigrants,” pp. 1-11

  • Complete all elements of the prompt.
  • Write clearly and logically