A Sound Idea: Phonetic Effects Of Brand Names On Consumer Judgments

Sound Journal

Often, we hear sound and, tangentially, music, so passively that it has virtually no impact at all. Though there is nothing I can do about that, I encourage you to do this observation with the goal of active listening in mind. See how much you pay attention to the sounds and music around you and decide whether you appreciate your sense of hearing or have been taking it for granted.

I would like for you to think about the daily impact of sound on your life and activities by imploring you to actively observe how you interface with sound. During ONE DAY between now and May 6th, you are to keep a sound journal in which you will write down:.1. Every time you hear a sound that catches your attention, serves an obvious purpose, or indicates the condition of a circumstance; 2. A song that inspires an emotion, spurs an opinion, or reminds you of something and 3. Background music that is being used to brand, identify, or label something.

1. You must write at least 15 entries, ten of which may be two to three sentences and the remaining five must be paragraphs that describe what you are hearing and why it is impactful enough to go in the journal. Ten must be about a combination of background music and random sounds, the remaining 5 must be about specific songs that you hear during the course of the day.

2. Since I want you to record the time of each observation, please put the number of each observation at the end of the last sentence of each entry for easy documentation.

3. You do not have to purchase a physical journal for your observations; you may log them in anywhere you wish because your observations will be compiled in a Word document for submission purposes.

4. You do not have to submit journal entries in the order of the description of sounds provided above.

5. You may not use the same exact sound more than once.

6. You may not journal for the purposes of this assignment for more than calendar date. I

want to see what you observe in one 24-hour period.

7. It does not need to be double-spaced but does need to include the date at the top and

times of each observation in the left-hand margin.

8. You do not need a cover page but put your name at the top.


May 1, 2019 5:00a.m.


My alarm clock woke me up….again! It happens every morning but it is still such a shock. That annoying buzz that signals the beginning of my day will never be an expectation. I guess that explains the heart palpitations and Pavlovian urge for coffee! Here we go! (1)

I just saw the J.G. Wentworth commercial during Judge Mathis. The Wagnerian costumes and classical music remind me, at least 10 times a day that if I ever “have an annuity but I need cash now”, I should call 877-CASH-NOW (I guess). (2)



I left for lunch and turned on the radio in the car. “He Touched Me” was on. My dad LOVED that song. I miss him so much. As I thought about my impending road rage and that nimrod who cut me off in traffic as I tried to get my parking space, I am unable to because this song inspires me, not only to think about what Jesus would do, but also what my dad would do and it immediately calms me down. (3)

As I’m mowing the grass, I notice a strange tick coming from the engine. This sound lets me know that it’s time for some oil.

Write it as a real journal, making sure that your thoughts are clear, concise and grammatically correct. You don’t have to write your observations in the same style as I, but you do have to provide the information requested.

Once your journal is complete, you will transpose it to a Word document and submit it as Project II through Course Content.

Project II is worth 100 points.