A statement for my graduate MSW social work program.

A statement for my graduate MSW social work program.

This is a statement for admissions, below are the questions i answered as well, if you can add more information please anything will help.


Please address each of the questions below in a typed narrative. You may add any additional information that may be helpful to the admissions committee. The personal statement must be typed and 750-1,000 words in total.

1. What are your reasons for applying to the Rutgers University School of Social Work? Discuss how your personal, professional, and/or community experiences and values affected your decision?

2. Select and describe a social problem of concern to you and describe how you believe professional social workers can help alleviate this issue?

3. What skills and strengths would you gain from the Rutgers University School of Social Work that would help you to address the problem you described in question 2?

4. After carefully reviewing the program requirements – including field education hours and course load expectations – please describe how you will manage to fulfill the program requirements, while balancing field education weekday hours and academic work with other life commitments. Fewer than 32512 characters.

Information about myself to answer these four questions.

1. I want to apply to this school because it has one of the best educational programs for Social work. I worker in the field already and I am a social worker for crisis intervention for the past two years. I enjoy my line of work because i love to help those in need, it’s my passion.

2. I think a social problem we are having is the way children are being mistreated and how many parents lack the ability to take care of their own child. I also believe many parents are in need of parenting classes because of their lack of knowledge.

3. With the right teachings and the proper education i will receive from Rutgers, I believe they will help me expand my horizon and lead me to the direct path of wisdom.

4. I am very well with time management and i am beyond motivated to complete the requirements needed in order to succeed in life.