Abdominal surgery

Q58) A client who has had abdominal surgery has been receiving morphine sulfate via client-controlled- analgesia. The nurse assesses the client and notes that the client’s pupils are constricted and the client is drowsy and lethargic. Th client’s heart rate is 84 beats/min, their respiratory rate is 10 beats per minute, and their blood pressure is 90/50 mm Hg. What is the nurse’s best action?

(a) Encourage the client to turn over and cough and take deep breaths

(b) Discuss possible oplate dependence with the client’s provider

(c) Note the effectiveness of the analgesia in the client’s chart

(d) Prepare to administer naloxone and provide ventilatory support

Q60) Which of these findings would cause the nurse to hold the administration of oral metoprolol

(a) Heart rate of 92 beats per minute

(b) Respiratory rate of 26 breath per minute

(c) Blood pressure of 92/44 mmHg

(d) Oxygen saturation level of 95% on room air