Academic Performance Compliance Discussion

Submitment: Academic Performance Compliance

As an athletic administrator, you will almost certainly come across multiple situations of student athletes failing, or nearly failing, to meet the minimum academic requirements set by your state association and local school district.

After reviewing the NYSPHSAA rules this week, you know that New York is highly deferential to local entities in the creation of heightened academic standards for student athletes. However, all students must at least be a “Bona Fide Student” in order to engage in competition. For your assignment this week, create a compliance checklist or matrix that will help you to identify, monitor, and improve academic performance for struggling students.

For purposes of this assignment, you can assume that you are an administrator in Johnson City Central School District. Your compliance tool should:

  • Ensure each student athlete is completing the minimum number of classes.
  • Ensure that each student meets the minimum academic attendance requirements.
  • Identify students that are at risk of losing eligibility.
  • Create an action plan to improve the academic performance of struggling students.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.