Aint No Need To Worry by the Winans Music Analysis Assignment

Write a review (750-1000 words, or 3-4 pages) of a contemporary gospel album of at least five songs (released after 1980). Put on your music critic’s hat and provide an informed perspective concerning the artist (s) and the tracks on the album. You are encouraged to express your personal opinion of the music, but make sure also to give some rationale for your evaluation. In addition, please provide important contextual information by situating the recording in relation to 1) other recordings by the artist(s); 2) recordings by other artists (of any genre) who were recording during that time period; and 3) any relevant historical developments in gospel. (In what ways, for example, does the music relate to the African-American gospel “tradition”?) Your review should also describe demonstrate an accurate understanding of musical terms (e.g., timbre, meter) applicable to the music that you are reviewing.