Allergic to Jardiance and latex



1. Patient: CS

Has a history of hypertension, diabetes, depression, renal calculi, and cholesterol

Allergic to Jardiance and latex.

Patient lives at home with husband and 2 children (1 boy and 1 girl)

She does have a little financial problem related to her husband who recently lost his job.

She has a great support system and mother and father her care for her as well.

She is Christian but doesn’t really have any spiritual considerations


2. Medical diagnoses

Has a brain tumor which turned out to be glioblastoma in the frontal lobe (suggested to be a high-grade tumor.


Patient had a seizure in September and was brought to the hospital by her husband and when the doctor did a CT scan on her they found that she had a tumor that was large.

She returned 1 month later for an elective excision of tumor and a craniotomy. At my care she was 3 days post op and had staples from the middle of her forehead to the left side of her cheek bone.


She had a hemovac drain with serosanguinous drainage

Her blood sugar was 406

Vital signs were

Heart rate -42

Blood pressure- 187/81

Oxygen level was 95%

Temperate was at 98.2F

Respiratory rate was 20

Weight 175lb


Medication list:

Clonidine 0.2 3xper day (blood pressure )

Januvia 25mg 1x/day

Keppra 500mg 1 every 12 hours (for seizures)

Metformin 1000 mgx2/day (blood sugar)

Omeprazole 20mg x1/day (heart burn)

Zoloft 100mg 1x/day (depression)

Zocor 20mg for cholesterol

Lantus solostar pens for blood sugar

Norco 5/325 every 4 hours as needed for pain