AMEX Hungary Project Management Case Reflection Paper

Guideline for Case Reflection

1.Case introduction (3 points)

2.Case issue analysis (12 points)

Find out what issue that this case addressed (2 points)

Relate it to which PM process(es) that we discussed in the class (1 point)

Point out what solution or PM process technique it applied (1 point)

Make your suggestions as further improvement (3 points)

Support your suggestions with 1-2 research citations (can be another different case, or textbook, or a source you find on line) as needed (5 points)

*If the case is an unsuccessful case, and you need to list another case as comparison when you make suggestions, you may describe the comparison case very briefly.

3.Conclusion (2 points)

Wrap up your case analysis

Re-address the process or technique that you discussed