Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge In The Amazon Rainforest In Brazil Marketing Plan

The nature of this task involves a thorough business type analysis of the brand or firm that you choose. Since the product/service is unique and out of the box, your analysis will likely uncover a series of reasons and or circumstances that led to its current state (mission / values / vision). Go to your firm’s website and/or any necessary library resources and answer the following questions. Firm name: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

1.Do you see evidence of growth strategies, new products? Evaluate and Explain.

2.Describe the external environment variables (e.g., economic, technological, sociocultural etc) would affect your firm and its strategy? How? Be specific and be sure to include all components of the external environment. Knowing that the hospitality, tourism and service industries are the first to be affected in an economic downturn, how will the economy impact your firm? What does your firm do to handle, respond and or anticipate these potential threats?