answer two ques after reviewing a video, around 200 words

please address the following questions:

Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Premise: Unlike traditional forms of crime, white-collar crime is a relatively new offense made possible by the complex financial transactions characteristic of modern society.

1) After reviewing the video link, please select one (1) of the “Top 10 CEO’s Behind Bars” as discussed in the link.

Please submit a brief summary on your selected CEO to include information such as:

  • Who was the offender?
  • What company(ies) did he or she work for?
  • What crime(s) did he or she commit?
  • What was the financial debt incurred?
  • Was the offender arrested, adjudicated or sentenced?
  • What was the restitution assessed?
  • Any additional facts that you wish to include about your selected offender

2) What is corporate crime and how can a corporation commit a crime? Should an offender convicted of a corporate crime serve a mandatory prison sentence in your opinion? Why or why not?