Anthropology writing essay -01

Week 7 Writing Assignment

For this week, select one of the following choices and write 1 single spaced pages (around 600 words) discussing or describing the purpose, use, and function of one of the innovations below. These are often identified archaeologically as hallmarks of early state societies and civilization. Be sure to use specific archaeological evidence from your textbook and from outside resources to support your answer, that means you use citations and a reference bibliography. Such evidence is in the form of artifacts from actual sites. These issues for studying complex societies encourage you to use drawings and graphically describe and analyze what you write about in your answer.

Choices are, choose only ONE to write:

(1) Discuss one architectural style that we learned about this week. Describe and examine the purpose, use, and function of the architecture (be sure to use specific archaeological evidence and indicate how specific kinds of monuments or buildings were constructed using the style you selected.

(2) An early writing system that became known through the discovery of archaeological records. Your answer should establish what kind of writing system it was, who used it, and what it was used for (for example, record keeping, elite recognition, or literary texts); also, establish the date range and geographical location for the system you discuss.

In-class reading:…