App Analysis

App Analysis

Smartphone users, in an average month, use 27 different apps. They download many, some of which never get opened a second time. We know which apps are most compelling for us throughout the week, apps we return to over and over again. We might also be able to identify apps that made us frustrated, apps we thought were ugly, or apps that were terrible ideas from the get go. This lab asks you to begin looking at the world of mobile apps from a designer’s perspective and identify what makes “good” design and “bad” design.

For this assignment, you will choose two apps to analyze, one that fits the category of “good design” and one that is “bad design.” (These categories can be broadly defined for your analysis.) In a two-page written analysis, you will describe the app and then make an argument for why it fits one of these categories. Your goal is to move beyond description to offer some insights into why those descriptions constitute good or bad design. You may bring up issues such as usability, user experience, graphic design elements, sound design, compelling content, social engagement, among others. I would encourage you to stay away from apps that are “bad” because they simply crash; this assignment is more about design rather than technological glitches. Include screen shots of your apps as a supplement to your 2-page analysis.If you don’t have a smartphone, it’s still possible to do this lab, because you can download apps to your desktop, too (however, obviously apps tend to be most handy when out and about, around the city or on the campus).

Your analysis should be at least 250-words but not more than 350-words; it should be written in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. Please upload your assignment to BB forum on “App Analysis” as either a Word Document or a PDF.

You will be graded according to the following rubric:

  • Well-worded description of each app
  • Thoughtful analysis on the design of the apps
  • Persuasive argument about the good/bad design of the app
  • Well-written commentary, with all ideas being fully developed
  • Thoroughly proof-read and obviously edited response

Please post your piece on APP Design here; be sure to include your 50-150 word statement in which you discuss any difficulties or issues encountered; tell something about the how/why of choices and why that matter to your thought process.