Applied decision Methods homework ( need excel QM )

Applied decision Methods homework ( need excel QM )

Module 2‐ Application Assignment

Application assignments require solving problems from the textbook. Most of the problems require that you use Excel QM. The sample tutorials in the module will direct you on the required software for the application assignments.

The answers must be submitted to the Dropbox in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file. You must

state your answers within a complete sentence so that your understanding of applying the results of the computations can be observed. You must also submit the original software data files to support your answers and assist in applying partial credit if your answers are not correct. No credit will be given if the software files are not submitted.

For this module, you will complete the following problems from the textbook:

Chapter 3: page 101 – problem 30; page 102 – problems 36 & 37 using QM Excel Submit Application Assignment 2 to the Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT of Module 2. Remember to use the required software as specified in the tutorials and to submit the software files