Apply economic models, theories, or assumptions, health and

Over the years, the health insurance market has become more competitive and, as a result, consumers “…have been offered a greater choice in benefits, cost-sharing arrangements, premiums to match their own experience, and types of insurance products” (Feldstein, 2012, p. 242).
For this assignment, prepare an economic analysis brief that describes the role and impact of the health insurance market in the U.S. healthcare industry to demonstrate an understanding of Module 4. Discuss and synthesize key elements from at least two recent scholarly articles (found in the CSU-Global Library) that address one of the following points:

Determine the performance of the health insurance industry.
Apply economic models, theories, or assumptions.
Offer objective methods for attempting to predict future market behavior in response to events, trends, and cycles.
Assess economic policy recommendations for healthcare stakeholders.

Your analysis should be thoughtful and thorough, well written, and formatted as follows:

Title page
Introduction – What is the topic, why is it important, and what are the objectives of your brief?
Body – What are the key elements of the scholarly articles that support the objectives of your brief? What economic models or concepts apply?
Conclusion – What are the future implications, policy recommendations, etc.?
Reference page.

Your paper should be 2 to 3 pages (not including the required title and references pages) in length and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.

Work on this assignmkent differently

For this Milestone, you will create a blog. Select a blogging platform such as and create a blog using a free template. The blog will be one of your professional online presence tools as part of the Portfolio Project for this course. Do not purchase anything from the platform. The blog should include a title, your professional mission or goal, your resume, a way for employers or prospective clients to contact you, and a single (brief) blog post. Your blog must be well written and formatted. Refer to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.
Submit the website address (link) of your blog to your instructor for grading. Review the rubric for this Milestone in the Module 4 Materials folder for specific grading criteria.