ARCH407 University of Oregon Millennium Park of Chicago Case Studies Paper

A sample of a paper Format follows. This format is used by the Architecture Media Politics Society (AMPS) of the UK in their publications and conferences.

The sample is a paper I wrote for the AMPS conference in Tucson last year on Critical Practice. (You are not required to read the paper)

Please format in Microsoft Word. Use MS Word Standard Margins.

No page numbers.

Aerial 11 point font.

No heading as is shown in this example. No footer at the bottom of the page.

This sample has about 4,500 words. I do not like to quantify a paper length by number of pages or words. Estimated goal is approximately 4-5 pages and about 3,000 words, but this is flexible depending on the number of illustrations. A short paper is often more difficult to write than a long one.

Photos and diagrams are encouraged.

The sample paper has a short Bibliography at the end.