Argumentative Research Essay with Refutation

Topic: Advertisements and their Impact on Us Choose ONE position:

Position 1: Restricting Ads’ Manipulation (or The Negative Effects of Ads)

Position 2: Upholding the Importance of Ads (or The Positive Effects of Ads)

Your essay and Thesis should clearly show the position you chose about ads and their effects.

Length: a minimum of 6 paragraphs (Introduction (5-6 sentences), 3 Supporting Body Paragraphs (6-11

sentences each), 1 Refute Body Paragraph (6-8 sentences), and a Conclusion (4-6 sentences)).

Research/ Sources: As a research paper it should have quotes and references from outside sources as supports to

your claims (your reasons as well as to the refute)

You should use 4-5 Sources: (from at least 2 of provided texts/Primary source) and 2-3 researched sources /

Secondary sources

You should have no more than 4-6 In-Text Citations /Quotes from those sources

Primary sources: Your Argumentative Research paper is based on the 3 texts on ads that I will provide.

You should refer to/ use/quote from at least 2 of those texts in your essay.

When using these texts/articles, you may choose 2-3 quotes from at least 2 of the texts in your body paragraphs

to support and build upon your argumentative position.

You do not need to refer only to the text(s) that supports your argument. You can refer to/quote from the other

text(s), that present(s) the counter argument in the refute paragraph or in any body paragraph as an opposition

point of view.

Secondary Sources: 2 credible sources (article, book, journal, news, scholar essay) Use LAVC Library Academic

databases and/or Google Scholar for the credible sources.

v (Optional) You can also use 1 non-credible source: YouTube Video, Ted Speech, Poster,

a visual, quote, data/statistics or information from a website (information searched via

regular search engines)

DUE: Printed draft for peer-review: 5/21

Revised, typed finalized essay: 5/28, on the last day of our class meeting.

On 5/28 you will submit:

• The printed copy of your Argumentative Research essay with 1 ad image, and works Cited page attached

on the back of your essay

• Peer-review sheets


Here is a more detailed explanation of the assignment’s expectation:

The Final should follow these guidelines:

• Should consider the provided texts on Ads, but should argue upon ONE stand/choice.

So, choose One of the views discussed in the texts and explain your reasoning for the position you take.

• Should have introduction, 3 main body paragraphs (that support and develop your position and the

main supports of your argument), a refute paragraph (that discusses the counter argument/opinion

of the other text and re-battles the counter argument), and a conclusion.

* You can have sub-body paragraphs if needed!

• Should have a clear, strong thesis (argument) that shows your position

• Should have 1 real ad example that supports your argument or any of the supporting points

• Should follow MLA format and citation guidelines for in-text citations and Works Cited page

• Should have supporting information (citations/quotes and references) from Primary and Secondary

Sources (from at least 2 texts I provided and 2-3 other sources that you will research on your own)