ART142 University of Illinois Hybrid Art of the Qajar Period Paper

ART142 University of Illinois Hybrid Art of the Qajar Period Paper

Here is the proposal that I wrote for the paper. I really need some examples for the Hybrid Art works and some details about them. (time,location,size,medium,etc) Also include the citation would be great.Here are the requirments for the Research paper. I also attached the grading rubric and my proposal.

Paper topics :

1) A Hybrid Architecture

The “Introduction” and the article “On the Peripatetic Life of Objects in the Era of Globalization” in Sheriff offer perspectives on how historic objects (ex. Mechenheim’s The Mass of Saint Gregory) depict two stories. Each of these stories speaks to different audiences. Write an essay that uses the key terms of Sheriff’s article to explore an architectural monument discussed in the lectures. For whom was it built and when? What was it trying to communicate? What decorative or design features might have meant one thing to one group and another to a different group?

Format: 5 pages, double spaced, 12 point type, citations in end note form (these do not count toward length and must be in MLA or UChicago form). Images should also be attached at the end (these also o not count toward length).

Tips: Try to think of the experience of the reader. Consider having a friend, family member, or classmate read the paper and ask them to circle what is awkward, unclear, repetitive, or seems to depart too far from your thesis statement. Try reading the paper out loud to see what your ear catches as awkward or wordy. Try to find the pleasure in descriptive writing as something that can evoke the vitality of these objects.