BA3300 Houston Downtown Volunteer Experience at Houston Food Bank Paper

  • Provide a 2 – 3 page (at least 1000 – 1200 words) summary of your service learning field experience with the Houston Food Bank (HFB). Be sure to include at least the following elements: How are the following terms similar and how are they different: service learning, volunteerism and community service A brief overview/history/mission of the community partner (Houston Food Bank or HFB) What project were you assigned at the HFB and what were your duties As you reflect on the service teams with HFB, give consideration to the following terms reviewed in your course. Specifically, each student should define the term and provide examples of how the person was involved in it during the service learning experience. Teamwork. Communication. Networking In closing, the student’s final paragraph should reflect and describe how this experience has influenced his or her world view(e.g. enhanced sense of personal values and civic responsibility)