Behavioral Plan with Parents and Learning Disabilities Reflection Paper

Behavioral Plan with Parents and Learning Disabilities Reflection Paper

Review of Behavior Plan with Parents

John, a student with learning disabilities, lacks in social skills. This interferes with his interaction with his classmates and with his learning. Select the behavior you need to eliminate or reduce and explain why this behavior concerns you so much that you want to have a meeting with John’s parents to discuss it.


Step 1: You want to invite John’s parents in for a meeting. But first, you have to plan for this meeting. You need to plan what to do and what to say as a teacher and professional who cares about this child. In preparation for a conference with John’s parents, develop a script of what you plan to discuss with them and their anticipated responses. The script must be at least three pages, double-spaced, indicating what you, as a professional, would say and how you think the parents would respond. Your script should be written in a dialogue format. Your plan should include the time of day and setting of the meeting, possible participants, and concerns to be discussed.

The information presented by you must include at least three research-based strategies for addressing John’s behavior, and his parents’ concerns or needs. It should also include at least one community-based program that might be of benefit to John or his family.

At the end of your report speculate on the kinds of decisions that could be reached with John’s parents, and describe a follow-up plan and your role and the parents’ role in this plan.

Step 2: Role-play the scenario with a classmate and report on this experience. You play the role of the parents and have your classmate play your role. Follow the transcript and report on any adjustments or modifications you would make in the script to convey your message to the parents.

Step 3: Write your reflections about this activity (Steps 2 & 3) and discuss what you learned from this exercise.