Bullying in School Research Checklist Essay 3

Bullying in School Research Checklist Essay 3

Essay #3 Research Checklist

Write a critical question or questions about your essay #3 topic to help guide your research and writing. Remember that as with your other papers, this paper should have an arguable thesis/opinion, topic sentences, and evidence from your research to support your main idea:_______________________________________________________________



example: Does volunteering for students take up too much time, or is it more beneficial?

What can students contribute to society by volunteering?

Research checklist

Important sources you plan to check:__________________________________________



Make sure you have included the following in your final essay #3: (below you do not need to decide on your final sources, but I would like you to start listing possibilities)

at least 3 library sources (these could be from any library or bookstore, including the electronic databases at DVC library:




3 pieces of original field work by you:




Is your field work from at least 2 of the following 3 categories?_____

  1. interviews: you interview someone whose opinion would be of interest about this topic
  1. observation: you observe something in person, such as how your classmates use their cell phones
  1. participatory experience: you participate in an experience, like giving a survey or joining a protest