Bullying or horizontal violence in the clinical environment

· Do you feel bullying or horizontal violence is an issue in the clinical environment? Why or why not?

First of all, I was not really sure what horizontal violence was so to clarify, horizontal violence, often referred to as lateral violence or workplace bullying, is defined as non-physical, hostile, aggressive, and damaging behavior directed at a coworker or group of coworkers, expressed through attitudes, actions, words, and/or behaviors (Horizontal Violence, 2020). Making snarky, insulting, or caustic remarks are examples of this conduct.

I believe this is a huge issue in the clinical environment and the worst part is that I feel it is only getting worse. Most recently I have experienced staff members being extremely rude to travel nurses just because they make more money and the staff nurses are jealous.

· Discuss how the nurse mentor can promote professional socialization in the workplace.

Mentoring and precepting serve to facilitate a smooth transition by promoting professional socialization. Effective mentorship, which includes role-playing, reflection exercises, and debriefing, allows the transferring nurse to reach his or her full potential in the new workplace (Bellucci & Misher, n.d.). The mentor and manager must create a learning environment that fosters a just culture, is favorable to learning, and assists newly recruited nurses in achieving targeted clinical outcomes (Bellucci & Misher, n.d.).