C++ Project Basketball Team Game High Score Programming Help

C++ Project Basketball Team Game High Score Programming Help

C++ project


  • Need the comments
  • The project need to be Simple and easy to understand.
  • Use some basic knowledge.



1) This assignment should be done in teams of two members.

2) When you finish with the code, submit the a zip file in Canvas.

3) The zipped file you send must have the following format. “Last name1_LastName 2_ CS2_Project”. Example: John Adams and Michael Lee, then the file you submit must be named “adams_lee_Cs2_project. zip”. No need to submit both members but the submission need to clearly specify who is working on the assignment.

4) The zip file should contain:

Project .cbp file (The project created)

class.h file , clas.cpp file and main.cpp

Just zip the project folder and upload it.

5) Ask the instructor for any doubt when doing the assignment.

A basketball team develop a program that hold the statistics (points per team and player). The team has 7 players.

Each player provides the following information:



Points in each game (10 games played)

Write a program that reports the following information to the output file “Basketball_report.txt”

Player 1 Name Position total points avg per game

Player 2 Name Position total points avg per game


Team Total points: xxxx Avg per game : xxx.xx

Requirements of the program:

1) Create a class called Player: Write the proper attributes

Name (string), Description (string), points[] for every game (array of int) and the correct functions (Accessors and mutators that access and update the info of the variables. Create the right specification file and implementation file. (.h and .cpp files)

2) Create a player (player1) and initialize its members to the following values: name=””, description=”” and points [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0] through a constructor. (Create a private function called by the constructor to build the array)

3) Create 5 more players using a copy constructor. (Keep those players in an array.

4) The program asks to enter every player’s info to the user and keep that info in the instance variables of every player (Use the mutators).

5) Create an extra object of the class player (player_extra) and assign player1 to player_extra . (Overload the =operator) Then change Player_extra points (use the mutator to update the array contents)

6) Use the iomanipulators to display the total points of the team ,average points per game, total points per player, and avg per player results in the output file.

Use fixed, setw(), setprecision(2), and showpoint.

2 Extra point(voluntary) : Update the program to read the input data from a file called “data.txt” this should contain all the info for every player but the “player_extra” in every line.