Calculus Questions

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Point Distribution

Syllabus Quiz: 1%

Chapter Completion (ALEKS): 79%

The lowest chapter score will be dropped when the final grade is computed

Final Exam: 20%

Please note: All times are Arizona time which is essentially PDT in the summer

  • Chapter 3 (Polynomial and Rational Functions)
  • Due: 11:59 PM May 25
  • Chapter 4 (Exponential and Logarithmic Functions)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 1
  • Chapter 5 (An introduction fo Trigonomentic Functions)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 8
  • Chapter 6 (Trigonometric Identities, Inverses, and Equations)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 15
  • Chapter 7(Applications of Trigonometry)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 22

Final Exam: June 27 (unless taken sooner)

If you finish a chapter before the due date, you may move on to the next chapter.

Final Exam Information:

It may be taken any time after Chapter 7 is completed but no later than June 26.

That is the last day of the session. Notify the instructor if you are ready to take it early.

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Before the final exam, you must have a photo of yourself on file with ASU. If you do not yet have and ASU photo ID, please visit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., read the sections about SUN cards, and upload a photo of yourself.