Can you write a visual analysis essay?

Assignment Description:

For this final essay of the semester, you are to compose an analysis of a visual image of your choice. According to the authors of your textbook, “…to analyze you must look closely at something. You examine it to see how it works (or does not). You take apart an object, an idea, a situation, or a text – its structure, its organization, its parts – in order to better understand it” (254).

Analysis is an essential element of our everyday lives. We analyze numerous choices we make, from where to park to where to live to what area of study to major in to what career path to pursue. Analysis is also essential to academic work. All scholars use analysis in their research and writing. Analysis is even a genre of academic writing in its own right.

For this assignment, you are to analyze an image of your choice. An important consideration for analysis essays is pre-writing – you have to break down the image into its parts and work to understand the meaning of the whole – and organization.

Successful students have written about the following topics:

  • An Instagram image from a favorite account
  • A famous work of art
  • A photograph from an Instagram account such as National Geographic
  • Street art
  • Graffiti art
  • An album cover
  • A movie poster

You are not limited to these topics, but be sure that you choose an image that is rich in detail so that you will have plenty of material for your essay.

Purpose – analysis

Audience – academic

Assignment Requirements:


Typed and saved as an MS Word document

Total Points: 200