please respond to two (2) of the following three (3) bulleted items.

Budgeting and Financial Management” Please respond to the following. Note: Online students, please respond to two (2) of the following three (3) bulleted items.

  • From the weekly readings, review Figures 5.1 and 5.2 in Chapter 5 of the textbook. Although the federal budget is for the year 2011 and the state budget is for 2009, you can see the revenue sources are very different. Analyze the overall manner in which the aforementioned budgets support federalism and intergovernmental relations. Include two to three (2-3) examples of such support in order to validate your response.
  • From the weekly readings and e-Activity, evaluate the level of the impact that political influence has exerted upon the budgetary process overall. Suggest three to four (3-4) strategies that the managers could deploy in order to influence the budget process.
  • From the weekly readings, review the types of budgets presented, and respond to the following scenario: A friend who is a city manager once commented that he liked to put a so-called “radio” item within each budget—an item that would make a lot of noise and attract attention but could be “unplugged” easily. He said that after the council had focused all of its attention on that item and it was finally removed, the council would approve everything else with little question. Imagine that you are preparing a budget for presentation to the council. Propose two-to-three (2-3) tactics that you would use in order to attract attention to and distract attention from a particular line item.

Body Image Exposure Session on Sedentary Female Smokers Paper

******** please respond to the assignment below add citations and references 🙂 ********

Select a research article, other than the articles from your assignments, from the GCU library. Provide an overview of the study and describe the strategy that was used to select the sample from the population. Evaluate the effectiveness of the sampling method selected. Provide support for your answer. Include the article title and permalink in your post.


Using the research article selected for DQ 1, identify three key questions you will ask and answer when reading the research study and why these questions are important. When responding to peers, provide other questions and answers that could be considered in relation to the peers’ studies.

Clinical Knowledge & Experience Management of Healthcare Waste Paper

How does your clinical knowledge and experience combine with what you learned from the literature on your research topic? Do not forget your in text citations and references. This discussion topic is really based on the subject you have chosen. This answer then will be personalized to your topic and your own knowledge and experience. Since you are talking about how your knowledge and experience combine with what the literature has taught you, you will need at least one in text citation and reference in this discussion to earn high points.

Disaster REcovery – Assignment K

Complete the real world exercises at the end of the chapter. Write your answers in complete sentences and use APA formatting rules. Each answer should be a minimum of 1 paragraph (3 or more sentences)

End of chapter 9 Real world exercises (page 396)

End of chapter 10 Real world exercises (page 430)

Chapter 9:
1. Using a Web browser, search for the following terms: “business continuity
planning,” “disaster recovery planning,” “business resumption planning,”
and “contingency planning.” Review the examples and definitions
you find. What do you notice about the semantic concepts behind the
searches for these compound terms?
2. Using a Web browser, access the online version of Disaster Recovery Journal (www.drj.
com). Review the articles in the latest issue (this may require some form of user registration).
Identify articles that the individuals in the Opening Case Scenario would benefit
from at this point in their process. Bring them to class to discuss.
3. Using a Web browser, search for the term “disaster recovery plan.” Identify three or
four examples of what appear to be comprehensive plans, different from the samples
presented in this chapter. What do these have in common? Create an outline for a DR
plan using these examples. Bring them to class to discuss.

Chapter 10:
1. Imagine that a disaster, such as a fire, has befallen your home, damaging
your belongings and some of the interior walls. What would your priorities
be in assessing the damage and working to reoccupy your home? Create
a prioritized list and timetable to accomplish this task.
2. This chapter listed several natural disasters that routinely occur in various
parts of the United States. Using a Web browser or library research tool, identify the disasters
that occur regularly in your area. Prioritize this list based on probability of occurrence
and potential damage. What should organizations in your area do to prepare for
these disasters?
3. Using a Web browser, search for organizations in your area (and nearby areas) that
offer DR training. What topics do they cover in their training? Create a list of the topics
covered by each organization and look for topics covered across the offerings.