Reflective Journal

Read about the adult learning theory of Constructivism (Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice pages 36-38), and view the video resources provided in the module Overview. For this journal assignment, you\’re going to analyze how you construct knowledge. Do you find out the facts about your topic and then reflect/think about what you already know, and then construct a new assumption? Do you \”hunt and find\” the facts about your topic? The principles of constructivism learning theory are essential to updating our knowledge and keeping ourselves current in information for our daily lives/professional lives. For this journal assignment, provide a detailed example of a time when you had to construct knowledge and learn something new. Please respond to the the guiding questions in your reflection:

1) Provide an example from your experiences.

2) What resources did you use when constructing knowledge?

3) Have you asked others about a topic when they didn\’t have scholarly information or experiences to back up what they were saying? If so, would you use that information as part of your construction of new knowledge? Why or why not?

4) How do you sort out true knowledge from knowledge that is not truthful?

5) Trace back through the learning experience. What theory or combination of theories best captures how the learning occurred?

Each journal entry should be about 2 pages.

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