Causes and Effects of American Food Waste Causal Analysis

develop a casual analysis,

answering the two questions below:

1. What are some of the causes leading to the amount of food waste the United States


2. What are socio-economic effects of such waste?






In order to answer the question, you will select support from a minimum of three of the sources we have discussed. You may find additional sources, if you would like, but you will need to cite those as well. You will need to choose and develop a minimum of three different cause and/or effects. In each paragraph, you will provide at least two pieces of expert support from your sources and research (if you choose to find more). In your introduction, you will present the issue and discuss what is happening and why we, as a society, should be aware/worried. You can use personal examples here only. Your thesis will state the issue and provide a plan of development (the three causes or effects you plan to discuss). You will need:

1) an introduction with a hook, background information about the issue, and thesis with a plan of development; 2) 3 body paragraphs each with a topic sentence in your own words and 1 or 2 examples from the sources and explanations/analysis; please use direct quotes 3) a conclusion that restates the thesis, reviews your body paragraph, and comes to a conclusion; and 4) to use MLA format and cite your illustrations correctly.


This essay should be 5 full pages minimum in length, double-spaced, typed in a 12pt font (Times New Roman). Make sure to introduce all of your sources, use in-text citations and create a Works Cited page. If you need help with those, please review information under MLA Resources on our site.

Final Tips

Transitions: Between new ideas and paragraphs, you should always use transitional phrases and words.

 Please proofread for run-ons, fragments, or any other grammatical errors.

 Make sure you have a Works Cited page (not included in page count)