CEO Leadership and Communication Management Style Paper

CEO Leadership and Communication Management Style Paper

You are expected to critically analyze the leadership and communication management style of a CEO or Operations head of a multinational company of your choice. Please critically analyze his leadership and communication strategies in the context of communication efficiency, productivity alignment, and organizational performance.

You can use Interviews of CEOs published by McKinsey, Accenture, Harvard Business Review, or videos on You Tube. However, you are advised to provide the source of information. In addition, you should also use contemporary research to support your arguments. Please refer peer reviewed journals (2014-19) and books to supplement your ideas. The submission format for individual assignment is as indicated below:

Word Limit- 1500 Words

Font- Times New Roman 12

Spacing- 1.5 line space

Margins- Normal 1 inch all sides

Cover page: This should provide full authorship, along with authors’ academic degrees, professional titles, affiliations and addresses (mail, fax, and e-mail)

Title page: This should provide only the title of the manuscript, and abstract of about 100 words, and 3-10 keywords for index purposes.