CH14 Disney Financial Analysis Cash Flow to the Firm from Assets Paper

You can find your assigned company as Ch 14 Firm under GradeBook. For your company

1. (50 Points)Go to Sec.GOV, and find the last 10-K. On this 10-K Download Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows for the last 2 fiscal years and present them as readable Excel Tables.

2. (30 Points) Using these financial statements, calculate the Cash Flow to the Firm (AKA Cash Flow From Assets) for the last fiscal year. Justify and explain your steps

3. (20 Points)Using these statements, calculate the Levered Cash Flow (AKA Cash Flow to Shareholders). Justify and Explain your answers.

4. (Extra Credit 20 Points) Redo part 2 using “Cash+Short Term Investments” as the concept of Cash, instead of Cash and Cash Equivalents.