CIS437 Burlington Stores Logistic Support Analysis

Logistic Support Analysis.”

  • What are the 5 key points in logistic support analysis?
  • How would you apply them to your organization?
  • A consideration of maintenance is important in the project plan—but–would the project team perform the actual maintenance? Or would this be something that the ongoing operation would do?
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Major Drivers.”

  • The five (5) major drivers in supply chain management are the customer, the cost, flexibility, time, and quality.
  • Of these drivers, which one is the most important in most organizations in your industry? Why?
  • Describe some negative effects if an organization ignore these drivers
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  • One way to empower buyer and seller organizations to approve all project transactions is to include a caveat that lawyers from both sides must agree on a set of terms and conditions.
  • What are some other ways to accomplish this?
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