City University of Seattle Unequal Pay for Equal Work Argumentative Essay

Students will write an argumentative essay. Students will select a current controversial business issue and construct a thesis statement that is the position your argument will support. Students will complete the argumentative essay in three steps. The steps are as follows:

Step One (Due Module Four): Choose your topic and write your thesis statement for the Argumentative essay. You are free to select whatever topic you like, as long as it is a current controversial business issue. When you submit this assignment, your instructor will approve the topic, or require you to fine tune it. Make sure that it is a business issue. Students in the past have written about supporting some new policy or change in the workplace, such as a casual dress code, or outsourcing training or the sales force, for example. Construct a thesis statement that is the position your argument will support. For example, if you decide to write about outsourcing your training department, you will need to decide whether you are going to support that position or argue against it. Your thesis statement will reflect your position. Submit the following:

  • your topic
  • your thesis statement

The thesis statement is worth 5% of the assignment’s grade.

Step Two (Due Module Seven): You will complete research and prepare an outline of your argumentative essay. As you research your topic, you must use at least five sources in support of your argument, with a majority (three minimum) selected from appropriate professional or scholarly journals or eBooks (please contact the City University Library & Learning Resource Center staff for help in this area if needed). All sources used must be cited in proper APA format. Your paper’s final reference list needs to be turned in to your instructor by the end of the seventh module for review along with a complete outline of your paper. This review of your outline and references list is worth 10% of the assignment’s grade.

Step 3: (Due Module 9): You will submit a complete argumentative essay. Your completed essay should be approximately 10-12 pages long, word processed and double-spaced. It should incorporate any feedback you received from your instructor in Step Two. This completed paper will include an introductory statement which introduces the overall topic/ business controversy selected, states why this topic was selected, and presents the thesis statement (position taken that the argument will support). The body of the paper will build an argument to support your thesis (position), adding evidence, reasoning, refuting counter-arguments, etc. Your completed paper will include a conclusion that sums up the entire argument and shows how the thesis was supported. A full reference list of all works cited is required.