Clinical Question capstone project proposal.

State Your Clinical Question

[100 to 150 words]


· State your clinical question or topic for your capstone project proposal.

· What issue is the question/topic addressing?

· What are the reasons you selected this question/topic?


The topic proposed for the MSN Capstone project is Stepwise Management of Asthma. Asthma is one of the conditions that has raised a lot of concern in primary care due to its exponential increase. It can be described as a respiratory condition associated with attacks of spasm in the respiratory surfaces such as bronchi of the lungs. These attacks often lead to impaired breathing, affecting the well-being of people living with this condition. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease whose symptoms cause the inflammation of bronchial tubes as well as narrowing of the airways. If untreated, asthma can be a deadly health condition. Over 14 million patient visits are recorded each year, and of these figures, nearly 2.5 million emergency room admission are recorded annually (Morris, 2020). Even though asthma does not easily kill, it has been found that the condition can kill, and most asthmatic patients who die are aged 50 years and above. Nevertheless, young children can also die out of Asthma.

As provided in the project topic, stepwise management of asthma will help healthcare professionals working in primary care to provide personalized patient care for asthmatic patients. Quality and effective asthma care must also involve treating other health conditions that may exacerbate asthma symptoms. Patients need to be enlightened on how a healthy lifestyle together with stepwise treatment of asthma can help achieve desired treatment outcomes. Good asthma care help patients control and manage asthma symptoms and promote their well-being. What needs to be understood is that with proper asthma treatment and management strategies, patients can be assisted to lead a normal active life (Slowiczek, 2019).

The compelling reason that led to the selection of stepwise management of asthma project is that asthma has been ranked as the most common chronic condition that affects young children. It is therefore regarded as a serious condition that affects over 25 million people in the United States only. It also causes an estimate of 1.6 million emergency room visits annually. Based on these facts, stepwise management of asthma will be the most appropriate healthcare approach to help combat the issues related to asthma. Stepwise management of asthma will also help provide patient education that will be vital in managing asthma and risk domains. (Yokoyama, 2018).