CMMN 1102 NEU Pokémon Go a Positive Cultural Force Persuasive Speech

CMMN 1102 NEU Pokémon Go a Positive Cultural Force Persuasive Speech

Feedback of PPT

Introduction: provide more information. Provide some sub-points to the main points you present. You really want to guide your audience. Pokemon Go is probably a trademarked game and you should cite it (at least do it on the introduction slide).

Slide 3: What does “basis” mean here? What does the second point mean? It’s quite a logic jump from playing a fame to losing communication skills and hurting your health. Can you support this in any way? Why should we trust you?

The statement on slide 3 is completely opposite of what I was expecting slide 4 to be about. You need to be very careful here.

Slide 4: where is the evidence? Provide sources and reasons. Why does it help people go outside and why is this a good thing? How does it help people improve relationships?

Review grammar and spelling on slides.

Slide 5: What does “exercise” mean here? The people playing get exercise? Exercise is a fun activity? This is a vague title. What does this image mean? Where does it come from and what does it show? You haven’t properly cited here. These links go to other sources. You should cite those original sources and paraphrase this information. Do NOT include this image in your final PPT or you will lose points. You need to explain this more.

Slide 6: Where is the support and explanation?

Currently, you have NO persuasive aspect to your speech. You MUST include a solution or call to action slide that gets your audience to do something. You argument should build up to the solution/call to action which persuades the audience to do something.

The conclusion slide is far too minimal. What does a conclusion need to include?

You have references but didn’t cite them.

Review how to properly format references in APA.

The source is including in PPT, not outline.