Cold Coffee Ready to Drink Supply Chain Management Project Paper

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Cold Coffee Ready to Drink Supply Chain Management Project Paper

Supply Chain Project Paper:

It’s the time to write the Supply Chain Project Paper (6 full pages) based on the proposal that you did before about Espresso Coffee. With my team we did a small change on the proposals we change it to be about Cold coffee ready to drink INSTEAD of Espresso Coffee

1. With my team, we decide to select all suppliers from India except one how will provide us with the plastic bottles, this supplier will be from China.

2. Our coffee beans provider (the farm), the one who grand the coffee beans, and the manufacturing process from A-Z all will be in India too.

3. We will have some warehouses and transportation in India, and this will be between suppliers, manufacture, and warehouses

4. Our main warehouse and distribution center will be in the United States and also we will have transportation from our distribution center and other warehouse is in the US to our target market in the US which is retailers such as Walmart, Jewel-Osco, , Marianos, Walgreens, Whole Foods, …etc.

5. Our final product will be Cold coffee ready to drink (like Starbucks cold coffee, but we will have many flavors and each flavor will contains 3 types of sugar (No sugar, medium, normal)

6.Our main target market is the United States.

Please see the instructions and the rubric of this project paper below:


Select a product (Cold coffee ready to drink) and design the supply chain project paper:

– Write a paper that will describe the supply chain for your product. Paper should be 6 full pages + detailed outline, citing all research references in APA format. Paper must at a minimum include the outline elements below. Other elements can be incorporate as you wish, to demonstrate the design criteria or features of your supply chain, while demonstrating the knowledge that you have gained in the class.

Paper to be professionally written, and contain sub-headings such as Executive Summary or Introduction, Product, x, y, z, …, Conclusion/Closing Statement/Summary, etc. Note that written business reports should generally be in the third person (not first person).

– Copying from sites like Wikipedia or other internet sites will result in a score of zero as the work will be checked by TurnItIn website for plagiarism.

– If an internet site is used, it must be cited properly. Plagiarism is not acceptable!

Paper Outline:

Supply Chain Design Project- PaperOutline for our group (Leo, Jolie, and me):


1.Product description – including key product or quality features (that may impact supply chain design), packaging design if noteworthy, etc.

2.Main components of the product

3.Suppliers of main components – capabilities, location, why did you choose that supplier, etc.

4.Manufacturing Facility – what type of facility, where is it located, why, etc.


5.Transportation/Logistics from the Supplier to the Manufacturing facility

6.Transportation/Logistics from the Manufacturing facility to the Warehouse

7.Warehouse Facility – what type of facility, where is it located, why; inventory levels; etc.

8.Channel description, including transportation/logistics


9.Customer – description of customer, what are their needs, where are they located, etc.

10.Demand Planning for the supply chain

11.Five Performance Metrics that will be used

Multiple countries (India, China, and USA) must be involved – suppliers, manufacturing, warehouse, customers

Other things to consider:

– reverse logistics (is this applicable?)



– Sustainability

– Risk

– Supply chain as a competitive advantage

– Supply chain integration

– Talent

– Key features or needs of the supply chain that is special to your situation

– International trade issues

Supply Chain Design Rubric



This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Analysis

Provides careful analysis of problem, using techniques learned in course study and reading.

40 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Style and professionalism in writing

Shows evidence of adequate interaction in the field with organization studied. Interacts well with clients and shows perseverance and skill in facilitating their involvement in supplying information and access to the operation and its people.

20 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Research

Conducts in-depth research on problems of client with its operation and its performance, using library, and internet resources as well as surveys, interviews, site visits, observations, measurements, and other techniques.

30 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Interest; Topic Choice; Timeliness of Submission

Report is professional and clearly written; easily understood, interesting, and contains relevant pictures and cartoons. Executive summary is clear and brief, hits major findings and improvements, and provides measures of improvement.

20 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusions, Recommendations, Executive Summary

Report indicates clear and executable recommendations for process improvements, and quantitative information on measurements that would mark success. Report attempts to answer in advance obvious questions of clients and executives.

20 pts

Total Points: 130

This work must be done in 2 days maximum.