complete 4 question and need references at the end

This is for the Zipcar case study in Chapter 2.

Obviously, you must read the case in its entirety. But, also read the chapter as well. The case requires “short answer” responses to 4 questions. A “short answer” response is a minimum of 6 good sentences. Remember that in addition to applying the knowledge you gained from the readings, this is a writing assignment. To receive full credit for this case assignment, you are expected to cite at least two scholarly sources to support your opinion or assertions. A cover page is NOT required. However, provide an APA style reference list at the end of your response to the last question; only one reference list is required that covers all responses.


s the synergy between the b

iness strategy of Zipcar and information technology.

2)As the CEO of Zipcar, what is your most threatening competition? What would you do to sustain a competitive advantage?

3)What network effects are part of Zipcar’s strategy? How do they add value?

4)Apply the resource-based view to Zipcar’s business model to show how information resources may be used to gain and sustain competitive advantage.