Contemporary Shows About Crime and Forensics Analysis Assignment

Part 1

1.Watch an episode of CSI, The Good Wife, Burden of Proof, NCIS, Forensic Science, Without a Trace or any other contemporary show about crime and forensics. Before reading the material, give a short synopsis on the storyline with an emphasis on the evidence that is used at trial in convicting the defendant. How plausible do you think the recovery of the evidence, presentation to the jury and the conviction of the defendant is in real life? Justify your answer.

Part 2

  1. By applying what you have learned in this class to portrayed examples on TV, you have gained so much more insight into problems with forensic evidence. Recall your contribution in Part 1’s reflection and critique it now that you have a more informed viewpoint.
  2. After you complete your critique, differentiate the possible sentencing options. In your response, answer the following: Which of the five goals to sentencing, do you believe should be the focus for the convicted? What do you see as the major challenges with the others? Be specific and justify your answers.