Costs and Benefits of Immigration & Rethinking US Immigration Policy Paper

Costs and Benefits of Immigration & Rethinking US Immigration Policy Paper

Read the instructions, below, MLA-formatted essay on a focused aspect of immigration. Below our assignment sheet, you’ll find resources related to the essential skills of writing academic essays. Use these to demonstrate the sound skills and careful craft you are acquiring this semester.

Reading One-Two: Entering the Debate l Week Nine

Reading One: Aviva Chomsky, Undocumented, “Introduction,” pp. 1-10

Aviva Chomsky

Reading Two: Council on Foreign Relations, “The U.S. Immigration Debate,” pp. 1-9

Council Foreign Relations

Reading Three-Four: Costs & Benefits of Immigration l Week Ten

Reading Three: Edsall, Thomas B., “What Does Immigration Actually Cost Us?,” pp. 1-10

Thomas Edsall

Reading Four: West, Darrell M.,The Brookings Institution, “The Costs and Benefits of Immigration,” from the book Brain Gain: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy, Brookings Institution, pp. 1-20

Brookings Institution

Reading Five-Six: Immigration Policies l Week Eleven

Reading Five: U.S.-Mexico Border Policy Report: “Effective Border Policy: Security, Responsibility And Human Rights at the U.S.-Mexico Border,” pp. 1-38

Policy Report

Reading Six: Levin, Yuval, “Toward a Conservative Immigration Policy,” pp. 1-3

Yuval Levin

this is the outline

The main point, in this case, is USA Immigration. This is a broad topic and that is why it is the main point. One of the sub-claims is the causes of immigration. There are many factors that contribute to immigration one of them is a search for employment (Okome, 29). Another thing is war. Citizens from those nations that experience war tend to move to other nations (Chapman, 34). The second sub-claim is the effects of immigration. Immigration has both positive and negative effects (Menjívar &Sarah, 1830). One is that it leads to population increase and the other effect is an increased crime (Akcigit et al., 330). The third sub-claim is how to regulate immigration. This can be done by limiting the number of green cards (Helbling & Ines, 5). It can also be achieved through the use of immigration documents (Vargas et al., 55). The fourth sub-claim is the effects of immigration on the US economy. The economy is likely to grow if there are more immigrates with skills that can be used in different sectors (Freeman et al., 160). The economy can go down if the rate of crime continues to increase (Lewis & Giovanni, 650).