Cover Letter

Cover Letter

If this is your first foray into resume and cover letter writing, great! You can begin with a clean slate. If you are a pro, this will provide you with the opportunity to ensure your current resume and cover letter are giving possible employers the information they need to request an interview.

Many students feel that they don’t have the experience to develop a “good” resume. Not so! Use the resources provided here to mine your experiences for a top notch resume and cover letter. Also, please make note of the tips provided to you in lecture.

Create your cover letter to “apply” to the job/internship/volunteer posting you submitted. Your cover letter should ascribe to the guidance provided to you in lecture and the readings. Please use the rubric for further guidance.

Please note: Considering your security and safety, you don’t have to use your real contact information on the resume and cover letter.

First PDF is how it grade, how to get good grade. Second PDF is how to writing cover letter.

And I am a Chinese student, study in America. Major is management economy