create a Memorandum to your employees

Suppose, You are the manager of a large division of a healthcare organization. All of your employees are “employees at will”. One of your employees has recently been arrested for a DUI and with this arrest was again absent from work. This absence has now put this employee into the termination position for attendance but his previous absences were for legitimate “illnesses” and one hospitalization. He is known to be a “good employee” and has consistently rated above standard on his performance evaluations and has, on many occasions, stayed late or worked extra to assist with heavy workloads.
The Human Resources Department is suggesting this employee needs to be terminated, his co-workers are complaining to you about his frequent absences, and you have now had to pay over budget for overtime to cover his recent absence. You are aware of some “personal” issues this employee is going through, including a recent confidential disclosure by him that his five year old son has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and is not expected to see his 6th birthday.
What should you do with this employee and why? Depending on your answer, what should you tell his co-workers? Construct a memorandum to your employees to explain and support your fictional organizations policy as it relates to the issues in this example.
– It should be one page
-memorandum to employe
– based on situation ( employees it will’)