CSUFresno Rise in Alzheimer’s Advocacy Action Plan

Advocacy Action Plan (1500 words)

Based on my Needs Assessment and Literature review (which i have provided for you below),

write a six -page paper describing the action plan that follows and addresses the following.

Identify the problem and sub-problem(s)

Provide data and evidence that support that the problem exists so that the reader

understands the severity of the problem

Identify stakeholders and their role in solving the problem

Identify of the actions that need to be taken

Identify the intended outcomes if action is taken

paper needs to be in APA format, at least 5 references,

i have provided 2 of my papers over the semester to help you conduct this paper. Also a sample paper of what my professor is expecting and to help you. Also have a template, which is what she will be grading off of.

needs five references only from online, book, journal.

no more than 20% plagerissm