CSUN Negotiating at Work Research Paper

CSUN Negotiating at Work Research Paper

Negotiating at Work Research Paper

Purpose of the Assignment

  • To become familiar with the myriad of ways negotiations are used in the workplace.
  • To provide different perspectives on the skills and use of negotiation in the workplace.
  • To reflect on your workplace / your style and how you can use negotiation skills to get what you want and need.

The Assignment

  • You may partner with other student(s) in conducting the research and writing the paper. All involved students must individually note/ source their contribution in footnotes. The paper should be written in one voice. All will receive the same points.
  • First you are to scan the internet for the topic “Negotiations at Work” or a similar search topic relating to negotiating at work.
  • Look at a minimum of 5 sites and review what is posted.
  • Select 2 or 3 sites that “speak to you” about negotiations at work.
  • You will then write a 2-3-page paper highlighting your learning from the selected sites.
  • Your paper should include
    • The focus of your research (e.g., How/when to ask for a raise, how to negotiate priorities, how to negotiate roles, etc.)
    • Key points and reasons
    • What was particularly meaningful to you and why it was meaningful
    • Each paper should include all the links to all the sites you visited. Also note the specific sites that you are using to write the paper from.
  • Criteria for the research
    • Don’t only use the first 5 sites you find. You are encouraged to scroll through and research the sites before selecting so you find ones that are interesting and useful to you.
    • Do not use sites that are consultant or content sites that are set up to sell their products. If in doubt, check with the instructor.
    • Do look at blogs, article, book excerpts, newspapers, white papers, newsletters and expert’s sites.