Cyber Threats and Prevention Research Paper

Paper Organization:

Each paper must include the four sections outlined below:

Research Topic:

This section specifies what you want to learn about or prove as an outcome of this research.

A 2 – 3 paragraph executive summary.

List the research topics in bullet format

Literature Search Results:

This section is used to document what others say about this subject.This section will show the depth of your research and it is oft the largest section of a research paper.

Every entry in your bibliography section must be cited at least once in this section. When detailing your literature search results, each declarative idea or concept must be cited. In this section you are stating the ideas and concepts of other authors and must define the sources of the information and attribute it to them. The time to state your own ideas will come in the following section.


This section communicates what have you learned from your research?

This is not simply a rehash of the first two sections, but some thoughtful reflection. Now is the time to state your own conclusions.

Note: The majority of less favorable research paper grades are received due to this section failing to include the research paper author’s intellectual conclusions and merely repeating information from the previous sections.


You must provide at least five citations.Both the in-text citations and the accompanying bibliographic information must be in APA format.

Do not cite encyclopedias, even if on-line. You need to use resources with a specific technical focus on your topic.

Do not cite articles from user edited sources such as Wikipedia. This type of resource can be used for initial uncited research which will often lead you to acceptable sources.