Database & Management Systems

Database & Management Systems

Database & Management Systems

Q1. Research and provide three to four paragraphs covering the following:

What is a deadlock, and how can it be avoided? Discuss several strategies for dealing with deadlocks.

Q2. Research and provide three to five paragraphs covering the following:

  There are many risks in conducting business on the Internet. Discuss the levels at which security is carried out in web-based database applications. Discuss why security needs to be in place and what kinds of security are needed to secure a database tied to the web. What are the costs of both implementing the security (in terms of designing and implementing security structures and monitoring their use) and the costs of not implementing the security (stolen data, angry customers, system damage, repair time, etc.).

Q3. Write two to three paragraphs answering each of the following questions:

a.  What are the three types of database critical events that can trigger the database recovery process? Give some examples for each one.

b.  List and discuss the four transaction properties. 

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