Descendants of American Slaves Discussion

Descendants of American Slaves Discussion

Please write your opinion about these two discussions individually. for each discussion you need to write 2 paragraphs or more. and I agree they should receive reparations as well. so write your opinion about these two discussions in two files


Descendants of American slaves should receive reparations not as a form of separation but rather a plea for inclusion. Payment of reparations will give many black people an opportunity to participate in the American dream that was denied to them, their parents, and their family members down the history line. Enslaved people played a critical role in propelling capitalism that led to the boom of the American economy. Enslaved people not only provided the labor required but were the capital required to drive capitalism. As identified in ‘King Cotton’s Long Shadow,” 4 million enslaved people were worth approximately $3 billion in 1860 that exceeded the total amount invested in factories and railroads in America. Hence, from this perspective, enslaved people were responsible for driving capitalism.

Further, although Horowitz holds that some African-Americans are privileged and hold the middle and upper classes in the country as an argument against the economical repercussions of slavery on blacks in the country, a prominent number of the country’s poor population are from this ancestry. Hence, despite the critical role played by slaves in boosting the country’s economy, African-Americans in the country remain among the most disadvantaged members of the society and do not benefit from the sacrifices and efforts put in place by their ancestors to enhance capitalism.

Additionally, African-Americans in the country have also been disadvantaged as a result of the prejudice and racism attributed to the historically lower position held by blacks in the society. Although through the government initiatives including Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation slavery was terminated, the blacks have continued to be treated as inferior members of the society and subjected to racism that leave them disadvantaged compared to whites. Thus, paying reparations and the requisite apology that comes with it, will open doors for a new opportunity and a new start towards closing the division that has existed between the blacks and whites going back to the times of slavery. Additionally, receiving reparations will transform the lives of black people more so those from lower classes who’ll be able to transform their lives through the given capitalization.


Over the years, debate of whether the USA should consider reparations for black American slaves continues to rage. Each party, on either side, provides arguments opposing or supporting the case. The economic contribution of black American slaves to the economic development of the US is a compelling reason that justifies the need for reparations for descendants of black Americans.

The US is one of the world’s greatest economy that performs better than almost all other countries. One of the main contributors to the performance of the economy is the contribution of the black American slaves, yet they suffered in the hands of the Americans, and their descendants are among the most disadvantaged group in the history of the US. The black Americans established a strong economic foundation for US prosperity at the height of slavery. Johnson (2013) explains the role of Black Americans slaves in the production of Cotton, which, to date, serves as the symbol of the industrial revolution. Without slaves, perhaps, there would be no industrial revolution and the US would not be having such economic power because Black Americans were the capital of the industrial revolution and collateral for loans. Therefore, it is time for the descendants of the blacks to have a share of the contribution their ancestors made to the US as an appreciation and compensation for the torture that slaves endured despite their role in economic performance.

However, some people such as Horowitz (2001) would be against reparations of descendants of black American slaves, by arguing that Civil Rights Act of 1965 has indeed paid the black Americans, in forms of racial preference, education admissions, and contract awards. Although, many blacks American feel benefits from the arrangements, none of these benefits is actual reparations. Descendants of black African need social and economic property and freedom by giving them reparation.

In summing up, descendants of black Americans should receive reparation for the enormous contribution of their ancestors in making the US the great. They were the capital that enhanced production for the industrial revolution. Therefore, black American need to get a share of the benefit. It would at least, heal the wounds that Americans inflicted on black Americans despite their contribution. Existing arguments against slave reparations is flawed. Therefore, slaves of black American slaves should receive restitution.