Develop a complete business case for an idea, research paper help

Develop a complete business case for an idea, research paper help


Develop a complete business case for an idea. This may be a real example from your work environment or a fictional example from anywhere you choose.

The basis for your business case is taken from the subject of your research paper. 

Week 2 – Identify business area, your role in the business and a general problem that you plan to address for your business case, as this is the time that you would have selected your topic for your research paper. The following are some of the key points to list in your business case:

o  Executive Summary

o  Problem Statement (Issue)

o  Analysis of the Situation

o  Solution

o  Project Description

o  Data Flow Diagram

o  Budget and project timeline

o  Recommendations


Students will gain practical experience applying the System Development Life Cycle model and related techniques by undertaking an individual project based on a real organizational need. Students will perform analysis of an issue or regulatory requirement and develop a solution using the concepts, methods and techniques that we will cover in class. The students will gain experience working on a Business Case project as an individual – which is a real-world requirement for most jobs. Each student will present their solution during a 5-minutes presentation


At this point, you should be ready to address your feasibility analysis for your business case. 

Submit your feasibility analysis.  This does not have to be completely outlined, but should cover some of the basic components as have been covered in the text. 

Identify what method you will use to determine the economic feasibility for your business case.  You may need to review Toolkit C, along with advice from Chapter 2 of the text.

You may use Word or PowerPoint for your submission.  

Every thing should be written in APA format . I need 3 different papers

1.Business case project

2.Business case presentation(ppt for 5 mins presentation)

3. Business case feasibility study

Below is the attachment of Business case project