Developing a Creative Strategy for a Brief Project

  1. Find out more about your client, Intel.
    1. Research the company and the industry in which it competes. Gather more information about their brand, competition, etc. Keep track of your sources.
    2. Conduct market research using academic sources. Include various databases available through the Franklin University library. A simple Google search would not be enough.
    3. Cite your sources in the brief and include the references in APA at the end of the brief.
  2. Write a 1-2 page creative brief.
    1. Develop a creative strategy to target mobile chip customers.
    2. Write a creative brief that corresponds to a company’s strategy and goals.
    3. Develop creative concepts based on strategy from the brief. Two creative executions are print ads and direct marketing. NOTE: this is a business-to-business example. Keep in mind that mass media is not the way to target a B2B target customer.
  3. Follow the brief format below:
    1. Objective: Identify and review the main objectives for the promotional campaign. Describe how the objectives will guide the campaign. Specifically discuss the objectives in relation to the organization’s marketing strategy.
    2. Target audience: Identify and discuss the target audience. Be specific about who the audience is and why that target audience has been selected. Tie it back to the organization’s marketing strategy.
    3. Key Message Identify one key message to communicate in the advertising. This should be one thing only, not two or more. The key message should be clear and specific for your audience. Support information that can explain why this message is relevant to your audience. Note: Don’t confuse a slogan with the message strategy. A slogan is just another creative element.
    4. Support: Justify your key message. Cite your sources.
    5. Guidelines: Provide additional informational requirements that the client wants the creative team to incorporate in the advertising.
  4. APA style: Include references in APA style as applicable.